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HABASIT polyester conveyor belts are also used in many industrial industries. Polyester conveyor belts, also known as EP conveyor belts, wear-resistant conveyor belts, automatic conveyor belts, cement conveyor belts, high modulus, low elongation, heat resistance Good stability, impact resistance, full thickness tensile properties. What are the characteristics of the HABASIT polyester conveyor belt? Below A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd introduces you.

The tensile body is a warp polyester and weft-knitted canvas. Its performance characteristics are long-term elongation in the warp direction and excellent groove-forming property in the weft direction.

The water resistance is stronger, and it is used in a humid and cold environment. The adhesion of the belt's overall strength will not be affected, it will still work normally, and it will last longer and no mildew will occur in the long life cycle.

Polyester has a high initial modulus and a lower safety factor. Each conveyor belt has their own characteristics. The polyester conveyor belt is characterized by the use of small-sized blocks, powders, materials, etc. during transportation. A variety of materials are used to transport materials at medium to long distances with high load and high speed conditions.

The polyester conveyor belt is made of a plurality of layers of polyester (or polyester in the radial direction and polyesteramine in the weft direction) bonded together in a certain manner, and the upper and lower sides are covered with a strong and elastic rubber.