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Whether replacing the MITSUBOSHI timing belt or reinstalling the timing belt on the new transmission, A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd. recommends the following steps:
Turn off the power, pry the protective cover, and loosen the mounting bolts of the motor. Moving the motor makes the belt slack enough to remove the belt without opening it. Never smash down the MITSUBOSHI belt.
Remove the old belt and check for abnormal wear. Excessive wear can mean problems with the design or maintenance of the transmission.
Choose the appropriate MITSUBOSHI belt replacement.
To clean the belt and the pulley, wipe the rag with a non-volatile liquid. It is not advisable to soak in the cleaning agent or use a cleaning agent to clean the belt. To remove oil and dirt, wipe with a sandpaper or scrape with a sharp object. Obviously it is not advisable. The belt must be kept dry before installation.
Check for abnormal wear and whether it is linearly symmetrical. The linear symmetry of the pulley is critical to the operation of the timing belt drive.
Check the rest of the transmission components, such as the symmetry of the bearing or bushing, durability oil and lubrication.
Install a new belt on the MITSUBOSHI pulley, do not rub or use too much force.
Adjust the center distance of the transmission until the tension measuring instrument measures the belt tension properly. Re-measure the tension by turning a few turns of the drive wheel by hand.
Tighten the motor's mounting bolts to correct the torque. Since any change in the center-to-center distance of the transmission during operation will result in poor belt performance, it is important to ensure that all transmission components are tightened.
Although the belt no longer needs to adjust the tension, we recommend starting the device and observing the performance of the belt to see if there is abnormal vibration and to hear if there is abnormal noise. It is best to turn off the machine and check the condition of the bearings and motor; if it feels too hot, it may be too tight, or the bearing is asymmetrical, or the lubrication is not correct.
Custody and use
1. MITSUBOSHI belt should be kept away from direct sunlight.
2. The belt should be hung on the wall or placed on the table frame; do not stack the floor area to prevent distortion.
3. Try to use large diameter pulleys to reduce heat during operation.
4. When installing the belt, it must be noted that the two axes are parallel, the wheel grooves are in the same straight line, and the belt and the shaft are at right angles.
5. The wheel groove of the pulley is a full set of the same depth, so that the full set of belts are elasticated and the average force is applied.
6. The surface of the groove must be smooth