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The Gates belt is made of a highly advanced new composite material. Thanks to this new material, Gates belts outperform all previous structures and can handle extremely large transmission power.

It is twice the speed of the HTD transmission and 50% more powerful than the PowerGrip GT. The pitch models are 8MGT and 14MGT, and the pitch lengths range from 384mm to 3860mm.

PowerGrip GT2 belts are used on existing PowerGrip GT and PowerGrip HTD transmissions to extend service life without any adjustments, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs and greater durability.
The PowerGrip GT2 belt makes it possible to design a tighter and more powerful transmission. This not only increases the flexibility of the design, but also increases the space and cost utilization.

Gates Timing Belts, Gates Car Belts features:

1 Molded tooth profile allows the belt to work well on smaller diameter pulleys.

2 The surface of the edge of the ground EPDM belt has uniform roughness, which reduces slippage and is more wear-resistant.

3 Dip-treated core wire can better bond with rubber, evenly distribute load and absorb bending stress, avoiding premature aging of core wire.

4 Life expectancy is 33% longer than Super HC and Tri-Power.

5 Meets RMA oil and heat protection standards and meets RMA electrostatic conduction requirements.

Gates V-belt-B type:

B30 B31 B32 B33 B34 B35 B36 B37 B38 B39 B40 B41 B42 B43 B44 B45 B46 B47 B48 B49 B50 B51 B52 B53 B54 B55 B57 B58 B58 B60 B61 B62 B63 B64 B65 B66 B67 B68 B69 B70 B71 B72 B73 B74 B75 B76 B77 B78 B79 B80 B81 B82 B83 B84 B85 B86 B87 B88 B89 B90 B91 B92 B93 B94 B95 B96 B97 B98 B99 B100 B101 B102 B104 B105 B105 B106 B108 B109 B110 B111 B112 B113 B114 B115 B116 B117 B118 B119 B120 B121 B122 B123 B124 B125 B126 B127 B128 B129 B130 B131 B132 B133 B134 B135 B136 B137 B138 B139 B140 B141 B142 B143 B144 B145 B146 B147 B148 B149 B150 B151 B152 B153 B154 B155 B156 B157 B158 B160 B160 B161 B162 B164 B165 B166 B167 B167 B168 B169 B170 B171 B172 B173 B174 B175 B176 B177 B178 B179 B180 B181 B182 B183 B184 B185 B186 B187 B188 B189 B190 B191 B192 B193 B194 B195 B196 B197 B198 B199 B200 B200 B201 B202 B203 B204 B205 B206 B207 B208 B210 B210 B214 B215 B216 B218 B220 B221 B224 B225 B227 B230 B232 B235 B236 B237 B238 B240 B242 B245 B248 B249 B250 B252 B255 B256 B257 B260 B2 64 B265 B267 B270