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How Much Do You Know Fire Resistance Belts
Fire resistance belts, or as they are known in short FRAs were developed to comply with safety standards. These belts are formulated in such a way that even if the belt catches fire the flame should get stipulated time before it goes out, which minimizes the risk of damage and injury.
The use of fire resistance belts mainly consist of conveyor belts. There are many different forms of these rubber conveyor belts, which of course includes the fire resistance belts but also includes general purpose conveyor belts, heat resistant conveyor belts and oil resistant as well as abrasion resistant conveyor belts.
Conveyor belts that involve fire resistance are however becoming one of the most popular choices due to convenience as well as to comply with guidelines. They are primarily used for internal transportation within buildings as well as within tunnels and mines. The reason that for this is safety is of principal importance within tunnels and mines; a fire would completely destroy them.
Fire resistance belts are used thoroughly throughout many industries, which includes mining, wood, paper and pulp, sugar and food, recycling and within chemical and fertilizer plants. They are used in order to make an industry more efficient, which is why they need to be safe, hence the need for fire resistance belts.
Conveyor belts represent a high risk. The reason for this is due to the fact they have the ability to spread a fire over distances. When a fire ignites on a conveyor belt it is generally started due to mechanical failures, for example in an idler bearing or by friction. Using a fire resistance belt however means that this risk is minimized.
With the help of a fire resistance belt you will ensure that you don’t lose products due to the ignition of a fire. You are protecting yourself, your employees and your business as well as your property from the effects of a fire. They are well worth the investment, especially if you require them for enclosed spaces such as tunnels or if indeed you are in the mining business and need that added extra protection.
A fire-resistant conveyor belt has the merits of conveying materials of high strength, long distance, and large loads. However, it also has the properties of fire-resistance and anti-static, and it is suitable for conveying materials under coal mine wells.
There are many safety standards that exist today and fire safety is generally always high on this list. Everything possible that can be done to minimize the risk of a fire breaking out should be done. Also there are a lot of industries that are in operation today that require the use of one or many conveyor belts. It is due to this fact that fire resistance belts should be used wherever possible, regardless of what business you are in. Even if you aren’t permitted to place fire resistance belts within your business I recommend that you do anyway in order to protect your business and your staff just in case the worst were to happen.